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Theological Institute

 Developing  Ministry Leaders through Equipping, Training, Discipling and Teaching 


Stephanie Palmer Ministries & Kingdom Builders Church International have partnered with The Sure Foundation Theological Institute to bring to you New Testament Communications.


NTC is an online fully accredited New Testament Curriculum Model which offers courses designed to build a sure foundation of an awareness of how one is taken out of Adam and Eve and placed  by the Holy Spirit  in the new creation genesis of Christ crucifed, risen from the dead, and ascended and seated at the right hand of the Father.


This is an offering based Learning Network.

No tuition is required. No scholarship is needed.


Our desire is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of the Kingdom around the world. We have purposed to make these New Covenant Teachings simple, easy, and affordable to all who have a passion to increase their knowledge of God's Word.


This is an Associate Degree Theological Study with 12 courses included. Study anytime day or night at your own pace. Upon completion of the program you will be given the option to either graduate with a certification or an Associates degree. You also will be eligible for ministerial licensing.  


Your Sponsor and Counselor throughout your studies will be Apostle S.R. Palmer


Apostle Palmer will be hosting classes in person for all local students to aide you in your online learning experience and to answer questions and impart revelation to enhance your understanding. So please be sure stay in contact with the SPM office for details concerning the classes.


For additional questions or concerns please contact the SPM office at 951.446.5550. 


We are so very excited that you are here!


To register for NTC classes simply follow these easy steps:

1. Write down this ID code: 50415

2. Write down your counselor's last name: Palmer

3. Go to or click here

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